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We provide scuba diving courses as well as expeditions to the best dive sites in Bintan and Mapur Island.

We believe that diving should be safe, fun and accessible to just about anyone.

Open Water Diver Course

Scuba diving is an amazing thing. It is like going to space for an hour. To begin your journey, the SSI Open Water Diver course is the way to go. It is your ticket to the underwater world!

The SSI Open Water Diver course consists of 3 parts: Academic, Pool training and Open sea dives.

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Dive Sites in Bintan


Nikoi Island

Nikoi is surrounded in stunning coral reefs and is part of the Sunda shelf, hence the seabed is relatively shallow and rarely exceeds 20 metres. Visibility is best during the months of March to November for diving these waters. The strong currents in the area makes it a difficult dive but is home to soft coral gardens which is its main attraction. Nikoi reefs are healthy and resilient standing against the effects of pollution. It has still enough of each species to pursue effort towards a total protection of its waters.

Due to its pristine hard coral gardens, Nikoi has a diversity of underwater habitat all with their unique plants and animals which includes fringing reefs, mangrove flats, sand flats, rubble patch, sea grass bed, soft coral garden, boulders with swim through and ledges. Regular sightings are turtles, bat fish, seahorses, stingrays, octopus, cuttlefish, and at some instances, puffer fish and starfish.

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Penyusuk Island

Penyusuk is consisted of granite rock piles combined with green trees which grows in between the rocks making the beach scenery majestic. Stretches at approximately 4 kilometers, it has two beaches. On the right side is a white sandy beach with granite stones, and on the left side is a typical beach, with larger granite structure that protects the beach area from waves making a natural sanctuary. Both sides are equally beautiful but one must take precaution as some granite stones are very slippery.

The diving experience here is advisable for both beginner and professional divers. Under the sea, there is a huge number of various aquatic species. With an average depth is 4.5 metres, it can reach a maximum depth of 10 metres. There are small colorful fishes hiding in its amazing corals. There are a number of water activities offered as well such as boating, kayaking, fishing, and swimming.

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Mapur Island

Known to host one of the popular wreck dives – Igara wreck, Mapur Island is the biggest offshore island in the Bintan group. Accessible via Liveaboards from Singapore, this dive site boasts of pristine environment of forested island with sculpted rock formations with healthy coral reefs and colorful Nudibranchs. A whole day is required for this dive trip as currents can be strong in the area with a visibility of 10 to 20 metres and depths of up to 30 metres.

As Mapur Island has a plethora of marine life, divers will be rewarded with sightings of Batfish, Giant Cuttlefish, Juvenile Sweetlips, Spanish Mackerel, Large Blue-Spotted Rays, and Whitetip Reef Sharks. Schools of Trevallies and Bump head Parrotfish are also residents to Mapur Island with large Table corals and other massive hard corals decorating its waters.

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Bintan Diving Resorts



Bintan Agro Beach Resort lies along the stretch of Trikora Beach at the eastern coast of Bintan Island. Indulge in the panoramic view of a breathtaking seascape with clear turquoise waters and crystal white sands. You can choose from the wide array of their services and facilities from savoring a fresh catch from the sea Al fresco style to basking in the sun, to an exhilarating water activity and capping the day off with their soothing Oceanic Spa. Whether you prefer a quiet or adventurous holiday, Bintan Agro Beach Resort will let you experience one or both that will surely leave you wanting for more.

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